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From a local event to the biggest Freediving event in north America

The Azul Freediving Challenge 2023

SPRING EDITION 26, 27, 28th May 2023

FALL EDITION 22, 23, 24th September 2023

Since the first edition, the event has been constantly growing and evolving. The organisation’s creativity and the constant drive to enhance the competition allows the Azul Freediving Challenge to expand and offer new ways to enjoy and follow this unique event at each edition.

To support the performance of our divers, we have added something new to the competition at each step throughout the event’s history:

• In 2019 the core team expanded, adding more safeties and judges

• In 2020 we moved to a deeper cenote with hospitality infrastructure to allow us to host our growing public audience.

• In 2021 we installed a live stream to allow people to follow every single dive on Youtube in real time.

• In 2022 we launched a professional competition platform.

Our philosophy is to keep on growing every year, adding unique features to our competition.

The Azul Freediving Challenge is the opportunity to push your limits safely!

We offer you the best conditions to dive. Our safety team is perfectly trained and has participated in some of the most important freediving competitions around the world. Also, you will dive from our official platform equipped with a professional counter-weight system.

The days before the competition we will focus on getting ready and visualise the greatnesses.

Official trainings for competitors:

May 22nd to May 24th & Feb 18th to 20th

Competition Workshop :

May 22nd to May 24th & Feb 18th to 20th

The Azul Freediving Challenge has always focused on allowing first-timers to take part in their first official competition. To help first-timers to feel ready to compete, we set up a special:

It will be the opportunity to:
– Learn all the @aidainternational rules
– Get some valuable preparations tips to feel comfortable during the competition
– Practice deep diving on the official platform!
– Ask your questions to professionals instructors and athletes from @pranamaya_freediving

The Azul Freediving Challenge is also a great opportunity for first-timers to build community.

Around Cenote Yum Kin, you’ll be able to get some experience from the best divers and share some tips about your practice. Enjoy the relaxed and nice ambiance all along the event and make new dive buddies!



At the Pranamaya center, we will welcome all the athletes, remind the rules of the competition and introduce the sponsors. Important moment where everyone meets and
the excitement of the competition starts.


26, 27, 28th May 2023


22, 23, 24th September 2023

  • Constant Weight No Fins (CNF)
  • Constant Weight (CWT)
  • Free Immersion (FIM)

At the end of the competition staff and athletes will get together for the podium to celebrate the winners and offer the prices. Such a beautiful event can’t finish without a nice party at the PranaMaya center.

Do you know about the 70m Challenge that we organize during the Azul Freediving Challenge?

This challenge will reward the master of precision with a money prize! The idea is to perform a 70m dive at an exact announced time.

We want to thank our sponsors Cressi, Depth Wish Freediving and OCTOPUS for their support and helping us promote freedive in Mexico, and to our team who will help us through all the competition.


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