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Julien Borde Pranamaya

Julien Borde

Founder & Instructor

Julien is the founder of Pranamaya Freediving, it is a project that started at the beginning of 2013. Julien is originally from France but lives in Mexico since 2008.

Julien discovers his passion for the water at the age of 10 in a swimming school where he has been introduced to scuba diving and freediving. Really quickly, Julien understood that the underwater adventure would be his destiny. First as scuba instructor then as freediving instructor, he has been traveling and working around the world since 2001, in countries like France, Egypt, Maldives, Bahamas and French Polynesia but it is in Mexico, especially the Yucatán peninsula, that Julien found his home.

Julien dedicates his full energy to Pranamaya Freediving, with the goal to share his passion and his experience of freediving. His knowledge of the area will make you discover unique places to practice your favorites activities. Due to his experience, Julien has great teaching skills and enjoy very much educating people to freedive. His courses always combine fun learning and also the visit of amazing dive sites with a real environment awareness.


→ AIDA Master freediving Instructor

→ AIDA Judge International

→ PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

→ CMAS ** Scuba diving instructor

→ DSAT Tech Deep Instructor

→ TDI Full Cave dive

Rodrigo Salsas


French-mexican by birth, scuba diving and freediving are his passions. He starts diving during his childhood and takes several scubadiving courses around the world. He became a PADI instructor and TDI full cave diver course to enjoy the beauty of the cenotes !

Over the last years he also discovered freediving, which passionates him and allowed him to discover new sensations and new limits. He became a passionate of freediving, so he took Pranamaya’s classes and became an AIDA instructor. Now, as a professional, he loves teaching freediving and share his passion of the cenotes. He’s a great teacher and will make sure you have a great time learning this amazing sport.


→ AIDA Instructor

→ PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

→ PADI Freediving instructor

→ CMAS ** Scuba diving instructor

→ TDI Full Cave dive

Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya

Anne-Sophie Borde


Anne Sophie arrived in Mexico in 2015, to embark on a dream of working with her brother. Anne Sophie has studied for 3 years in tourism, and has always worked in this domain either as a tourist guide, travel agent or in a tourist office. Her skills and training have brought a new level of cooperation in communication and administration for Pranamaya.

On a more physical aspect, Anne Sophie has always been very athletic, swimming, horse riding, dance, diving, freediving, sports in line with the school and Pranamaya. She has a regular yoga practice for over 5 years, brining additional knowledge to the yoga aspect of Pranamaya.

Currently Anne Sophie is dedicated to Pranamaya on daily bases. Her time is spilt between Pranamaya administrative management, and the development of this family project.

Alban instructor

Alban Villaret


Originally from France, Alban traveled around the world to now find himself in the beautiful country of Mexico.

Alban discovered his passion for underwater diving with the completion of his PADI certification during his trip to Indonesia in 2014. Since then, his insatiable appetite for adventure has led to his discovery of freediving – a unique sport that allows one to dive into their own mind and to new unknown depths. Falling in love with the sport, he committed to a life of full-time travel as a freediving instructor.
After freediving and teaching around the Philippines and Egypt, he has now joined our team at Pranamaya Freediving.

With a passion for coaching and personal growth and development, he is dedicated to working with you on making progress towards achieving your personal milestones – both in and out of the water.

roxana Yoga

Roxane Besson

Yoga Teacher

Roxane is a Franco-Venezuelan who fell in love with Mexico a few years ago. She has long practiced dance in France in La Rochelle and Toulouse.

Today in Playa Del Carmen, Roxanne shares with you her passion for yoga and well-being through personalized classes.

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