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Since 2013, Pranamaya has been leading the way for Freediving in the Riviera Maya.

AIDA Freediving center

We are Cenote and Ocean specialists who dedicate our full energy to teach, guide and show you the underwater beauty of the Yucatan.
We are the biggest AIDA freediving center in Mexico and our philosophy is to teach within the highest standards of freediving.

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Julien Borde Pranamaya
Julien Borde
Founder & Instructor
Rodrigo Salsas
Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya
Anne-Sophie Borde
Alban instructor
Alban Villaret
roxana Yoga
Roxane Besson
Yoga Teacher
Julien Borde Pranamaya
Julien Borde
Founder & Instructor
Rodrigo Salsas
Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya
Anne-Sophie Borde

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  • Facing the giant mantas of #revillagigedo ! Diving does not get much better than in that place ! 
It is a real underwater paradise, thank to conservation work done by the #conamp in Mexico. 
I was lucky to have the great @greg.lecoeur to catch this pic while Freediving with the champion @pierrefrolla during an expedition for their coming book "le coeur des océans"

Let s return there for more Freediving in May 2022. 
Would you join me ?? 

📸 @greg.lecoeur 
🤿 @pranamaya_freediving 
🐟 #oceanicmanta #mantaray 

#pranamayafreediving #pierrefrolla #greglecoeur #pacificocean #socorro #uwphotography
  • During offshore trip you never know what you will find and how long it will last ! So there is no other option to be full living the experience and enjoying each seconds with Pelagic animals. 
I love so much the feeling of jumping in the water and see what surprise the ocean has for us ! 

Join our Pelagic seafari to swim with the fastest fish of the ocean ! 
2 more weeks before the end of the season. 

📸 Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 

#pranamayafreediving #pranamayafreediving #freedivingtraveler #nature #offshore #sardines #baitball #sailfish #espadonvoilier #pezvela #marlin #uw #uwphotography #underwaterlove #blue #sonyimages #caribemexicano #cancun #playadelcarmen #mexicodesconocido #caribbean
  • Bullshark Season is almost over but it was a great year ! Lots of sharks, many days with really good condition. This year many feeedivers had the chance to have good encounters ! 
We have been working in collaboration with Conamp to regulate the activity and I really want to thanks them for being open minded and give us the opportunity to do what we love most, Freediving with big animals :)

🦈: #bullshark #tiburontoro #requinbouledogue 
📸: Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 

#pranamayafreediving #pranamayaexpedition #freediving #sharks #sharkconservation #nosharksnoblue #savingoursharks #nofinsoup #ecotourism #ecoturismo #playadelcarmen #rivieramaya #mexicodesconocido #uwphotography #sonyimages
  • Cavern explorers ! 
The Yucatan peninsula has thousands of cenote, some of them are famous and very popular but there is still in the jungle so many remote cenotes that no humans ever go to ! PranaMaya always search for new cenotes for feeedivers. 
And we have some new spot to show you ! Contact us to those hidden jewels. 

🧜🏼‍♂️: @vacation4life and @jacobtpatterson 
📸 @pranamaya_freediving 

#pranamayafreediving #explore #newcenote #cenote #hiddenspot #underwaterlove #paradise #freedivingart #freediving #apnea #breathhold #linediving #sonyimages #somosloscenotes
  • Toucher le fond or
Hit the rock bottom. 
Only in Freediving it actually means good news 😂
As a matter of fact It is probably the best feeling, when you reach the bottom in deep diving it feels so good and satisfying and usually make the ascent a lot easier. 

📸 Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 
🧜🏼‍♂️ Jacob @jacobtpatterson 

#pranamayafreediving #cenote #linediving #freediving #unreal #pb #breathhold #underwaterlove  #uwphotography #sonyimages #somosloscenotes
  • Massive stalactites can be found underwater in the cenotes ! Meaning that those caves were dry at some point ! 
I am glad they are flooded now, creating some of the best dive sites in the world !! 

📸 Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 
🧜🏼‍♂️ Jacob @jacobtpatterson 

#pranamayafreediving #pranamayaexpedition #cenote #stalactites #uwphotography #freedivingart #freediving #apnea #cenotefreediving 
#mexicodesconocido #rivieramaya #playadelcarmen #sonyimages
  • Friendship ! 
Never dive alone is not only about safety but also about sharing and enjoying together ! 

Don t forget to take care of your friends during those complicated times 

🧜🏼‍♂️: @vacation4life and @jacobtpatterson 
📸: @pranamaya_freediving 

#pranamayafreediving #pranamayaexpedition 
#cenote #freediving #friendship #neverdivealone @aidafreediving 
#depth #sonyimages
  • Freediving it is like being able to space travel with just one breath ! The underwater world is so different that sometimes it feels we are in different planet. 
Mayans says that cenote are gates to the underworld, we checked and it s true !

📸 @pranamaya_freediving 

#pranamayafreediving #cenotes #spacetravel #lights  #fundays #mexico #playadelcarmen #rivieramaya #uwphotography #sonyimages
  • Great day at the cenote with great people ! 
Really enjoyed that photo session and really happy to show you one of my favorite cenote. 

🧜: Pete @vacation4life
📸: Julien @pranamaya_freediving 

#pranamayafreediving #cenote #fundays #freediving #freedivingart #menthatfreedive #training #uwphotography

Freediving is not only about learning how to hold your breath but also learning how to breathe.

Julien BordeFounder

PranaMaya is a Freediving school founded by Julien Borde in 2013. Coming to the Mayan Riviera was an obvious choice for us. This region has a lot to offer and is undoubtedly one of the best places for Freediving because of his diversity.

We have access to many dive sites in the Ocean to enjoy the caribbean sea, depth and good temperatures. But what makes this region so unique are the Cenotes. They are like flooded sink Hole with perfect conditions for freediving.

We think that everybody should learn about Freediving. We even believe it should be teach in schools. The main reason is to be safer in the water and be able to enjoy more the reef & the ocean.

At PranaMaya, our courses are done in very small groups, this allows us to adapt to each of you so that you can benefit from an optimal learning experience, whether you are beginner, advanced or confirmed.

Come to Playa Del Carmen, near Cancun and experience Freediving with PranaMaya!

  • That was my third year visiting this amazing team and next year for sure I will visit them again =)… The whole organisation was perfectly done, well received, professional instructors, we felt in any moment super well treated and especially safe. The Pranamaya team knows the best spots and Cenotes in the Yucatan region as they were the first freedivecentre and first explorers of cenotes. Especially this year they have shown to us some incredible unknown cenotes. Warmly to recomment to visit the team. with best regards from Switzerland.

    Julian S.
    October 2020
  • I have been diving with Pranamaya (Julien and Rodrigo) at numerous occasions already and every time it is an amazing experience! They are very professional, relax and well organized which make the whole experience amazing. Thanks again PRANAMAYA and see you very soon!

    Pranamaya review Francis G
    Francis G.
    November 2020

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