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Since 2013, Pranamaya has been leading the way for Freediving in the Riviera Maya.

AIDA Freediving center

We are Cenote and Ocean specialists who dedicate our full energy to teach, guide and show you the underwater beauty of the Yucatan.
We are the biggest AIDA freediving center in Mexico and our philosophy is to teach within the highest standards of freediving.

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Julien Borde Pranamaya
Julien Borde
Founder & Instructor
Rodrigo Salsas
Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya
Anne-Sophie Borde
Alban instructor
Alban Villaret
roxana Yoga
Roxane Besson
Yoga Teacher
Julien Borde Pranamaya
Julien Borde
Founder & Instructor
Rodrigo Salsas
Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya
Anne-Sophie Borde

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  • Some days during our Whale Shark excursions we are lucky enough to find this enormous mantas playing around. 
It takes our breath away to see this huge animals swimming so graceful and coordinated.

🧜🏻‍♀️: @nikafichi 
📷: Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 
#whaleshark #tiburonballena #snorkel #freedive #freediving #apnea #pranamayafreediving #vitaminsea
  • This was an exciting Whale Shark weekend! Each year tons of this giants come to México looking for food giving us the opportunity to swim by their side. Trust me when I say this is a life changing experience! 

🧜🏻‍♀️: @nikafichi 
📷: Julien @pranamaya_freediving 

#whaleshark #tiburonballena #snorkel #apneaacademy #freedive #vitaminsea #pranamayafreediving
  • Almost like touching a star! 

🧜🏻‍♀️: @ale_lopez_rodriguez 
📷: Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 

#freedive #freediver #freediving #pranamayafreediving #cenote #rivieramaya #visitmexico
  • Freediving; an art or a sport!?
A whole lot of both! 

🧜🏻‍♀️: @addriannasf @socaldivebabes 
📷: Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 

#freedive #freediving #dance #dancers #pranamayafreediving
  • Who isn’t drawn to the magic of cenotes? Timing with light. Each one so unique. 

🧜🏻‍♀️: @camilajaber 
📷: Julien Borde @pranamaya_freediving 

#freedive #freediver #pranamayafreedive #cenotes #cenotesmexico #rivieramaya#goodtimes
  • Who has been watching @vertical_blue, one of the biggest competitions in the freedive industry. Many WR and PBs have been broken during this days, and many more to come! 

#verticalblue #pranamayafreediving #freedive #freediving #competition
  • Pranamaya present in vertical blue, one of the most important freediving competition in the world! 
As part of one of the best safety team in the world, we are ready to keep safe and help all the participants during the competition. 

Pranamaya presente en vertical blue, una de las competencia mas importantes de freedive en el mundo! 
Haciendo parte de uno de los mejores equipos de seguridad, estamos listos para salvaguardar la seguridad de todos los participantes! 

#pranamyfreedive #verticalblue #freedive #freediving
No hay satisfacción más grande que ver todo tu trabajo reflejado en una competencia. Desde el momento en donde estas en el agua esperando tu imersión hasta que la terminas; ¡ese es el momento por el que tanto trabajaste! Sin importar cual sea el resultado siempre regresarás con más expriencia y muchos aprendizajes. Definitivamente una experiencia que no te puedes perder. 

Para más info visita nuestra página www.AzulFreedivingChallenge.com

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing all your work reflected in a competition. From the moment you are in the water waiting for your dive until you finish it; that's the moment you worked so hard for! Regardless of the result, you will always go back with more experience and many learnings. Definitely an experience that you cannot miss.

For more info visit our page www.AzulFreedivingChallenge.com

#pranamayamexico #pranamayafreedive #freedive #freediving #apnea #oceansea #rivieramaya #caribe #caribemexicano #competition #playdelcarmen #tulum
  • Azul Freediving Challenge es una competencia de talla internacional para todos los niveles. Ya que contamos con todas las medidas y protocolos de AIDA es la perfecta oportunidad para medir su nivel e incluso aprovechar a nuestro equipo de Safety para probar nuevos PBs.

¡No se pueden quedar fuera!
Lugar: Cenote Yum Kin
Fecha: 24 a 26 Septiembre 2021
Registro: Link en bio

Azul Freediving Challenge is an internatinal competition for all levels. Because we have all the AIDA protocols, it is the perfect opportunity for you to test your level and even use our safteies team as support to try new PBs.

You can´t miss this experience!
Place: Cenote Yum Kin
Date: September 24 to 26, 2021
Registration: Link in bio

#pranamayamexico #pranamayafreedive #freedive #freediving #apnea #oceansea #rivieramaya #caribe #caribemexicano #competition #playdelcarmen #

Freediving is not only about learning how to hold your breath but also learning how to breathe.

Julien BordeFounder

PranaMaya is a Freediving school founded by Julien Borde in 2013. Coming to the Mayan Riviera was an obvious choice for us. This region has a lot to offer and is undoubtedly one of the best places for Freediving because of his diversity.

We have access to many dive sites in the Ocean to enjoy the caribbean sea, depth and good temperatures. But what makes this region so unique are the Cenotes. They are like flooded sink Hole with perfect conditions for freediving.

We think that everybody should learn about Freediving. We even believe it should be teach in schools. The main reason is to be safer in the water and be able to enjoy more the reef & the ocean.

At PranaMaya, our courses are done in very small groups, this allows us to adapt to each of you so that you can benefit from an optimal learning experience, whether you are beginner, advanced or confirmed.

Come to Playa Del Carmen, near Cancun and experience Freediving with PranaMaya!

  • That was my third year visiting this amazing team and next year for sure I will visit them again =)… The whole organisation was perfectly done, well received, professional instructors, we felt in any moment super well treated and especially safe. The Pranamaya team knows the best spots and Cenotes in the Yucatan region as they were the first freedivecentre and first explorers of cenotes. Especially this year they have shown to us some incredible unknown cenotes. Warmly to recomment to visit the team. with best regards from Switzerland.

    Julian S.
    October 2020
  • I have been diving with Pranamaya (Julien and Rodrigo) at numerous occasions already and every time it is an amazing experience! They are very professional, relax and well organized which make the whole experience amazing. Thanks again PRANAMAYA and see you very soon!

    Pranamaya review Francis G
    Francis G.
    November 2020

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