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Pelagic Life

Take off for an unforgatable day, and dive with whale sharks. Easily recognized by its unique pattern, the whale shark frequents open seas and warm, tropical oceans. Are you ready for this day of adventure ?The Riviera Maya hosts the world’s largest migration of whale sharks, and is one of the few places in the...
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Sailfish hunting sardines
Experience the breathtaking Sardine migration near Cancun, learn more about the Sailfish and join us for a day of adventure
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Baja California is a true paradise, boasting magnificent desert landscapes and breathtaking seascapes. Dive into its pristine waters, encountering playful sea lions, majestic marlins, gentle whales, and awe-inspiring sharks. This region is renowned worldwide for its exceptional diving opportunities and remarkable wildlife encounters. Embark on a 8-day adventure, guided by our certified and experienced Freediving...
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In the Mexican Caribbean Sea, you will have the chance to encounter the largest fish in the world, the whaleshark. It is harmless and very gentle. Easily recognizable with its unique pattern, the whaleshark is found in open seas and tropical, warm oceans. Whalesharks live offshore, near the coast. They can dive very deeply (>1,600...
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bullshark riviera maya
Every year a group of female bullsharks come to Playa del Carmen. This year we are vey lucky to have really good conditions for freediving and we already did many excursions to freedive with those beauties. Of course we have to take our cameras to get some shots to share with you all ! I...
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