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Rodrigo Salsas: From Pranamaya Mexico to Safety Diver at the Caribbean Cup and CMAS World Championship of Freediving in Roatán Freediving, the art of exploring the depths of the ocean on a single breath, has gained popularity over the years as an extreme sport that demands incredible mental and physical strength. Rodrigo Salsas, a freediver...
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Discover the results of the 9th and most successful Azul Freediving Challenge 2023 Spring edition, in which 50 athletes from 17 different nationalities participated. The Azul Freediving Challenge is a freediving competition for beginners and also advanced athletes! Certified freedivers from all around the world come to have fun at Cenote Yum Ki’n, a deep...
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From a local event to the biggest Freediving event in north America The Azul Freediving Challenge 2023 SPRING EDITION 26, 27, 28th May 2023 FALL EDITION 22, 23, 24th September 2023 Since the first edition, the event has been constantly growing and evolving. The organisation’s creativity and the constant drive to enhance the competition allows the Azul...
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Azul Freediving Challenge 2021 was a total success. 32 athletes, 10 countries and 6 National Records.
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