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Since 2013, Pranamaya has been leading the way for Freediving in the Riviera Maya.

AIDA Freediving center

We are Cenote and Ocean specialists who dedicate our full energy to teach, guide and show you the underwater beauty of the Yucatan.
We are the biggest AIDA freediving center in Mexico and our philosophy is to teach within the highest standards of freediving.

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Julien Borde Pranamaya
Julien Borde
Founder & Instructor
Rodrigo Salsas
Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya
Anne-Sophie Borde
Alban instructor
Alban Villaret
roxana Yoga
Roxane Besson
Yoga Teacher
Julien Borde Pranamaya
Julien Borde
Founder & Instructor
Rodrigo Salsas
Anne Sophie Borde administration Pranamaya
Anne-Sophie Borde

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  • This week our friends from SoCal @socaldivebabes are visit us all the way from California and it is a pleasure for us to take them to all the Cenotes that we love so much! 

#pranamaya #freedive #freediving #socal #goodtimes #cenotes #rivieraya
  • May 14th, 15th and 16th
Join us in Mexico for an amazing competition (all levels) 🇲🇽🧜🧜‍♀️
The Azul Freediving Challenge is the best expérience for Freedivers ! 
Fun guaranteed and many price to win from @cressi1946 but also from @bigbluedivelights and @divevolkmexico 

Event organized by @pranamaya_freediving 
Supported by @cressimexico and @depthwishfreediving 
For an official @aidafreediving event ! 

Special thanks to @bigbluemexico , @divevolkmexico 

#azulfreedivingchallenge #pranamayafreediving #aidainternational #freediving #freedivingcompetition
  • For this competition we will also have a new category called "challenge" where freedivers will have to announce in advance the exact time it will take them to go down 70 mts., the one who managed to complete their descent in the exact time will be the winner of a very special prize!

#freedive #apneatraining #apneaacademy #pranamayafreediving #cenotes #spacetravel #lights  #fundays #mexico #playadelcarmen #rivieramaya #uwphotography #sonyimages
  • We are close to the competition so we will start our special depth, technique and pool trainings focused on competition protocols.

If you are interested or want more information please send us a DM.

#freedive #apneatraining #apneaacademy #pranamayafreediving #cenotes #spacetravel #lights  #fundays #mexico #playadelcarmen #rivieramaya #uwphotography #sonyimages
  • To validate your dive during a competition, it is necesary to bring the tag from the bottom plate to proof your performance ! 
It reminds me childhood when we were bringing sand from the bottom to prove our friend that we went all the way down :) 

During the @azul_freediving_challenge we will respect all the rules and standard of @aidafreediving 

Great job @djoulah

Special thanks to the judge @freedive_tulum and @apneacozumel 
Special thanks to the safety team lead by @rodrigosalsas 

2021 edition is happening soon, May 14,15,16th
Big up to @depthwishfreediving and @cressi1946 form making it possible
  • During the @azul_freediving_challenge you will need to respect the @aidafreediving protocol when surfacing ! 
You have 15 seconds to take off your facial equipment, make the Ok sign 👌and say ”i am ok" to validate your dive ! 
Sound easy but it gets harder with very low oxygen ;)

Special thanks to @depthwishfreediving and @cressi1946 for making this coming event possible !
  • Relaxation skills are very important before a dive, always take the time to breathe before holding your breath :)
Picture of Vicente during the Aida @azul_freediving_challenge ! 
Next edition is coming soon !
May 14th, 15th and 16th

Did you register yet ? 

#azulfreedivingchallenge #freedivingcompetition 
#depth challenge #cressi 

Special thanks to our support @aidafreediving , @depthwishfreediving and @cressi1946
  • The 70 meters challenge ! 
During the competition we are also organizing the 70m challenge (designed for freedivers that have  PB too high to participate to the competition) with a special price to win 🎁
The goal would be to complete the dive and match the announce dive time ! 
See details on our website www.pranamayamexico.com about the rules :)
What do you think ? Can you plan a dive and make exactly the time that you announced ? 

#pranamayafreediving #azulfreedivingchallenge 
#70mchallenge #freedivingcompetitions #aidainternational #freediving #rivieramaya #playadelcarmen #cenote
  • The Azul Freediving Challenge will be an official @aidafreediving  events ! Meaning that we will respect the highest standard of quality and safety 😇
It will be happening on May 14th, 15th and 16th and we will have some official training and workshop before that ! 
Note that you do not need to be an Aida freediver to participate, any certified freediver is welcome to join ! 

Spécial thanks for your support @depthwishfreediving ! 

Follow us on insta at @azul_freediving_challenge and check out the website for full infos www.azulfreedivingchallenge.com

#pranamayafreediving #azulfreedivingchallenge #freedivingcompetition #cenote #sport #freediving #apnea 
#aidainternational #deepdiving 

Freediving is not only about learning how to hold your breath but also learning how to breathe.

Julien BordeFounder

PranaMaya is a Freediving school founded by Julien Borde in 2013. Coming to the Mayan Riviera was an obvious choice for us. This region has a lot to offer and is undoubtedly one of the best places for Freediving because of his diversity.

We have access to many dive sites in the Ocean to enjoy the caribbean sea, depth and good temperatures. But what makes this region so unique are the Cenotes. They are like flooded sink Hole with perfect conditions for freediving.

We think that everybody should learn about Freediving. We even believe it should be teach in schools. The main reason is to be safer in the water and be able to enjoy more the reef & the ocean.

At PranaMaya, our courses are done in very small groups, this allows us to adapt to each of you so that you can benefit from an optimal learning experience, whether you are beginner, advanced or confirmed.

Come to Playa Del Carmen, near Cancun and experience Freediving with PranaMaya!

  • That was my third year visiting this amazing team and next year for sure I will visit them again =)… The whole organisation was perfectly done, well received, professional instructors, we felt in any moment super well treated and especially safe. The Pranamaya team knows the best spots and Cenotes in the Yucatan region as they were the first freedivecentre and first explorers of cenotes. Especially this year they have shown to us some incredible unknown cenotes. Warmly to recomment to visit the team. with best regards from Switzerland.

    Julian S.
    October 2020
  • I have been diving with Pranamaya (Julien and Rodrigo) at numerous occasions already and every time it is an amazing experience! They are very professional, relax and well organized which make the whole experience amazing. Thanks again PRANAMAYA and see you very soon!

    Pranamaya review Francis G
    Francis G.
    November 2020

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